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PLANT: As If Vampires Drink Of Immaterial Things

If you are yet to hear a song that stops you in your tracks, then let it be this one. London-based, Oregon-born Singer-Songwriter, Nicole Plant, uses her surname to release beautiful, simple, poetic indie-pop. The uniquely titled track, 'As If Vampires Drink Of Immaterial Things', is exploration into the depths of a self-doubting mind; a inquisitorial journey along the path of 'Why me?'. Previously releasing music under the alias 'BLOOM', Plant has reinvented herself; turned over a new leaf and grown into a more developed artist.

The song itself is lead by Plant's angelic vocals, decorated with haunting harmonies and shining a spotlight onto those intimate lyrics. Her unusual use of metaphors are what make the words so noteworthy; allowing you to delve deeper into the possible meaning and perhaps interpret lines differently. The music ebbs and flows, building subtly and creating natural transitions from start to finish. Plant demonstrates utter rawness with the final few lines, repeating words that are burning thoughts in her brain and leaving us with the same questions for ourselves.

'As If Vampires Drink Of Immaterial Things' is a soothing, yet exceptionally personal song, wrapped in the comforting folds of a beautiful vocal tone, resonating melodies, and perfectly placed words. It is one that must be listened to more than once to truly understand its depth, but will also cause you to forget everything else in the world around you immediately.

The song is from Plant's debut EP entitled 'Tender', so head over to SoundCloud to hear 'As If Vampires Drink Of Immaterial Things' along with two other delicate, original tracks. Make sure to also like her on Facebook and have a watch/listen of this song right here:

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