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Interview of the week

Sunflower Bean
  • Amy Heather


I’m currently buried underneath a heap of blankets attempting to warm myself up after a stupidly cold journey home. This time of year sucks, but listening to some great music really lifts my mood. That said, Indie band Mondays at Gecko released two new tracks almost two weeks ago and their fresh, summery sound is just what I need to break out of this winter misery.

‘Reasons to stay’ starts with bright melodic guitar and energetic drums, throwing me straight into this bubble of bliss. The singer’s smooth, drone-like vocals, emulating that of The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard, create contrast against such lively instrumentation. His voice has a slight grittiness to it, which makes evident to me an air of stage-ready confidence- perhaps these guys, despite being so young, have already refined their live performance skills.

The second track, ‘Something Out of Nothing’, is actually more uplifting than the initial track, but this time uses a small amount of distortion on the vocals with a repeated guitar melody that’s incredibly catchy and surprisingly more memorable than the top-line. The middle-8 heads in a completely opposite direction, slowing the pace and switching up both the vocal and guitar melody, ready to jump straight back to the one I’ve come to love.

Both songs demonstrate the potential for Mondays At Gecko to bring back that early Arctic Monkeys era that saw the likes of indie pop/rock dominate the charts. The boys are making obvious their love for music and determination to compete with popular bands. I’m really looking forward to hearing so much more great music from them.

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