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Interview of the week

Sunflower Bean
  • Amy Heather


The soundtrack to our existential crisis.

Since the 'Pop Music is Lame' mentality has become somewhat of an epidemic, the genre in its purest form has tragically been lost. Or at least that’s what I thought, until the Original Pop Queen, MARINA, blessed us mere humans with her double album, LOVE + FEAR: the soundtrack to our existential crisis.

Here she is. Our pop saviour. And honestly, her back must be breaking from carrying the weight of Pop Music on her shoulders. These records are so worth the 4 year wait.

What is LOVE?

What is FEAR?

What is it To Be Human?

MARINA is the voice in our heads wondering; what is life?

It’s more than just catchy melodies and those hauntingly unique vocals; it’s our conscience. It unites us as one entity and identifies a brain that doesn’t even know itself, the complexity of this Emotional Machine, and the honest observation that Life (really) Is Strange. She demonstrates freedom through self-awareness, without lacking that truly addictive pop sound. Her attention to detail, curiosity of the universe and ultimate love for herself has all been collated to form this beautiful collection of flawless tracks. MARINA has gifted us with two opportunities to discover ourselves.

Do you side with LOVE or FEAR?

If you were beginning to feel swamped by meaningless pop and perhaps even doubt the genre altogether, then let me advise you to listen to both these albums. Is there hope for pop music yet? (Spoiler: Yes. It's MARINA)

Electra Heart may have taught us to love ourselves, but MARINA is now teaching us to wonder beyond our own being. This is a modern day antidote to the stress and confusion of our existence. She really is one of us.

So sit back and relax to LOVE + FEAR while you watch the world fall apart.

Listen to LOVE + FEAR here.

I recommend the tracks:

- Handmade Heaven

- Orange Trees

- To Be Human

- Life Is Strange

- Emotional Machine

- No More Suckers

- Soft To Be Strong

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