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MADI: Reprisal EP

LA-based singer, songwriter & producer MADI released her debut EP entitled ‘Reprisal’ in late 2018. The collection of 5 tracks is “a tribute to her childhood” and one’s naivety, laced with suffering, conflicted spirituality and the turmoils of first love. Already signed to Moving Castle at just 20 years old, this gifted artist has the ability to make waves within the female-lead experimental pop music world.

The EP itself has a combined listens of over 300k on Soundcloud alone, and with a sound that’s as if BANKS, Billie Eillish and Marian Hill re-spawned in some apocalyptic future; MADI is breaking all the rules of how women in pop ‘should’ behave. The songs are an intriguing contrast of soft layered vocals against a bolder rhythm section that almost sounds as though it has been created organically. Her sultry, delicate voice flows like cool water over the hot metal of instrumentation, creating modern music that is as dramatic as it is soothing. The juxtaposition of this sweet voice entwined within harsher elements is what gives MADI her unique, exhilarating style.

Both tracks ‘Reprisal’ and ‘White Horse (feat Robokid)’ were released prior to the EP as singles, with the first using distorted keys and pained vocals to evoke feelings of a pop ballad, yet warped and moulded into something entirely new. MADI plays with her melodies; sprinkling catchy wordless snippets within both ’Flares’ and ‘Reprisal’ to emulate that of known pop, but only allowing a taste of familiarity before she pulls the rug and spins the song in another direction.

The entire compilation includes this sense of glitched reality, with ideas and prospects similar to what we know propelled into an approaching, yet incomprehensible world. MADI disrupts the sound of today with the sound of tomorrow, while depicting trauma she has endured with such clear confidence, it’s difficult not to become obsessed. She is paving the way for a new wave of darkness within pop music, revealing that not all female artists are bubblegum and light.

If you're looking for experimental pop music that messes with your emotions, then have a listen to 'Reprisal' in its entirety HERE and make sure to follow MADI on all her socials:





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