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Interview of the week

Sunflower Bean
  • Amy Heather


Amidst a modern music society that’s saturated with synths and autotune, it’s becoming increasingly hard to satisfy my craving for organic instrumentation. There’s only so many times it’s acceptable to listen to the same songs over again and stare at my laptop crying over the fact that most of those artists will never make any new music. But when I find a band that are channelling throwback elements, I get a little too excited about it. Lokey & The Hound are my latest find, emulating that old-school 90s distorted guitar top-lined with powerful bitch-rock vocals. If you’re a fan of Marmozets or even a lover of Don Broco, then I suggest you check out Lokey & The Hound’s debut single ‘Candle’.

Opening with a noteworthy (pun), Pearl Jam-esc guitar riff, the song immediately grasps its position as a modern rock track with a range of influences. The vocals throughout the verses are velvet-like, prepping you for a stripped-back pre-chorus and then a plunge into a head-banging, super catchy chorus. ‘Candle’ increases hype as it moves through verse, pre-chorus and chorus, coming to a head in the last minute when the original vibe is completely switched up, revealing an outro I never knew I needed (but definitely loved).

As well as a well-produced audio track available on Spotify, Lokey & The Hound also released a music video that demonstrates their real passion for this music. With constant movement from both the camera and band themselves, the video is a visual representation of the song; upbeat with a fuck-ton of attitude.

Check out the video here:

The band are to release more music this year, so follow their socials and don’t miss their next original tracks or upcoming shows:

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