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LASHES: Daydreamer

Not so long ago, 4-piece rock band, Lashes, burst onto the scene with their debut single 'Thank You For The Love'. Now they have returned once again with their next banger; ‘Daydreamer’. If you were into their first track, then be prepared to love, yet also be pleasantly surprised by this latest one.

As revealed with, 'Thank You For The Love', this group of lads are huge fans of their classic rock, but did you expect this to stretch across to country rock as well? Me neither, but with ‘Daydreamer’ they’re bringing out all the country music feels with acoustic guitar, a stomping rhythm, energetic vocals and folky BVs. The song begins with a short acoustic tease, then suddenly jumps straight into the full country rock works. Their use of subtle, ambient electric guitar propels this country rock song from a nostalgic tune straight to a modern-day rival, with the harmonica solo fast becoming their musical trademark.

Coming to a regretful end with lingering BVs and harmonica, ‘Daydreamer’ is an addictive track to blast in the car, or scream at the top of your lungs at a live gig. By using catchy riffs amongst uplifting vocals, Lashes have created a song that never fails to lift your mood.

It's hard to predict what they will be doing next, so make sure to follow these guys on all their socials and keep up to date with upcoming shows and the promise of even more new releases coming soon.




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