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JAY MINERS: The Art We Make

"An intimately descriptive and positive portrayal of life itself."

Singer-songwriter Jay Miners is a New Yorker who is taking inspiration from the likes of pop, folk and jazz musicians, and moulding it into her own remarkable creation. Her latest release, a 5-track EP entitled ‘The Art We Make’, is full of songs constructed from delicate instrumentation and pure, soft vocals singing honest and personal lyrics. ‘The Art We Make’, which was out February 15th, demonstrates how one talented girl can create wonderfully endearing music that truly is a work of art.

Soul awakening, ‘Something Alive’, self-confident ‘Favourite Dress’ and romantic ‘Strawberry Mountain’ were already released as singles, but are now placed perfectly between previously unheard tracks; ‘With Our Hands’ and ‘Dog Walker’. ‘With Our Hands’ is a revelation regarding the temporary mind-set of modern society, yet spoken by a catchy melody and inspirational words. Jay herself revealed that the song “challenges a world where we are constantly buying and replacing” and amongst waltz-like piano, melodic strings and subtle sound effects; “exposes true value in keeping what we own and making it last”. ‘Dog Walker’ (my personal favourite) is a jazzy rendition of life as a creative human in various infamous locations within America. It is a journey through the lives of different people in different places completing the same act, but connecting through their joy. Jay says this track is, “an ode to independent musicians and the art we make”; an uplifting end to an honestly charming EP.

‘The Art We Make’ is a celebration of all artists and a product of pure love. Love for oneself, love for one another and love for life. It is a personal insight into the mind of Jay Miners, a beautiful collection of songs that enable you to gain an understanding of how this individual sees and evidently adores her world. With the song-writing passion of Sara Bareilles, Miners’ soft vocals and detailed lyrics are what make ‘The Art We Make’ such an intimately descriptive and positive portrayal of life itself.

Have a listen to 'The Art We Make' here, and follow Jay Miners' socials to keep updated on upcoming shows and releases:

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