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BK-17: Arrest Me For Living

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

When I saw the name BK-17, I thought it could be some kind of gun. I wasn’t that far off with my guess, apparently it’s an ‘ergonomic knife’, which is something I discovered alongside the existence of an artisan bread bakery using the same name. I think naming a bread shop after the object you slice it with is interesting, but if you want to experience something even more intriguing than a bakery called knife, then BK-17 (the musician) has created some incredibly compelling music for you.

So just over a week ago I was sent a link to a YouTube video entitled ‘Counting Sheep’. It was uploaded in March and I was so ready to write about it, until I was suddenly sent a brand new track called ‘Arrest Me for Living’. This swell of hypnotic new wave pop is like nothing I’ve ever heard before.

I wouldn’t risk tainting your view of this track by wasting your first-time-listen through some terrible laptop speakers. I suggest you trust me when I say that headphones are the best option. As soon as I was hearing the song through headphones, I could understand exactly what BK-17 was trying, and succeeding, at creating.

There are so many elements in this short 3-minute piece that create this huge mass of sound that is both dramatic and calming. It seems as though it could be both the soundtrack to a future dystopian world yet also be included in a trance-inducing DJ set. As I closed my eyes to listen properly (apparently I can’t hear very well when I’m looking at things), I’m feeling more and more like this music is designed to go beyond mundane comprehension and become something other worldly.

When the vocals began I could hear the lyrics sounding almost as though some unknown lifeform had discovered emotion and is now at peace with its existence. The harmonies add increased depth to the song, and I can hear that BK-17 has a strength to his voice that makes me wonder whether he has been classically trained. The production is close to flawless, really driving that ethereal atmosphere through to my subconscious.

I think if you’re looking for something completely new, then look no further than BK-17. I now fully understand why the artist has chosen such a name, he is creating music that slices through my conscious with ergonomic ease and has left me with scars of curiosity as to what will come next.

‘Arrest me for Living’ is an audio representation of what could be; a mesmerising futuristic composition not to be missed. If you believe I’m being too dramatic in my descriptions, then perhaps you should admit you're wrong and give it a listen here.

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