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Interview of the week

Sunflower Bean
  • Amy Heather

28th-3rd February

Albums I have listened to this week:

The Beach Boys

Pet Sounds (1966)

Well there's absolutely nothing wrong with this album. Every single song is beautiful I just love it. Yes, maybe I did know (and love) a lot of the songs before I even listened to the full album, but who can blame me? This is an iconic work of ART. I love the Beach Boys. Well I love them from this point onwards, let's just ignore the poor review for their previous LP release... I chose this as my favourite because it's a forgotten banger in my book and to be quite honest an absolutely AMAZING song. Kind of sad though.

BEST SONG: Sloop John B

Fred Neil

Fred Neil (1966)

I haven't managed to listen to these albums in order this week as it was a matter of fitting the shorter ones where I can and setting time aside for the longer ones. This was the last one I listened to and I almost forgot about it. But I'm actually really glad I didn't because I liked it a lot. His voice is smooth as heck and I had no idea he was the genius behind 'Everybody's Talkin'' (which is a great song). I loved 'The Dolphins' too, but just wished this complete album was available on Spotify...

BEST SONG: Everybody's Talkin'

The Byrds

Fifth Dimension (1966)

So this album was incredibly boring. The first song had a lot of potential, despite being a complete rip off of Bob Dylan. Apparently The Byrds not only literally STEAL his songs, but they also steal his ideas too. Great. Anyways, the first song was actually the only good one. The rest were wanna be Beatles, but just too dull for me and I was really grateful once the album was over. Sad I know, but so true. The guitar for every song was just all over the place. Really wasn't a fan. Nothing compared to 'Mr. Tamborine Man'...

BEST SONG: 5D (fifth dimension)

Bob Dylan

Blonde On Blonde (1966)

I can't take Bob Dylan anymore. It's gotten to the point where I much prefer the people who steal from him (The Byrd & The Beatles). Although this album is much more melodic rather than rambling, half-spoken nonsense, I just couldn't enjoy the full 70 minutes of hearing the same song over and over again. Don't ask me to recall any of the tunes because they are literally all one complete song. I'm also pretty irritated by the fact that he could have easily ended every single song three minutes before he did. If I hear one more harmonic solo, I'm going to scream.

BEST SONG: Just Like A Woman

The Monks

Black Monk Time (1966)

This album was freakin' weird. Like I'm talking crazy instruments, vocals and lyrics. Every track was a surprise, I honestly didn't know what to expect and it was completely different every time. There were so many elements that shouldn't work, but once I got over the weirdness, they somehow did??? However, I chose this as my favourite because it was the most normal. Maybe that's be being a loser, but I really couldn't hack the super odd stuff. I like the instrumentation of the song 'I Hate You', but the vocals were way too scary.

BEST SONG: Love Came Tumblin' Down

The Kinks

Face To Face (1966)

Okay wtf. This is definitely NOT 'Waterloo Sunset'. It's full of Beatles rip-offs, the same song multiple times and ridiculous sound effects. I feel like they don't have an attention span long enough to complete a good song as everything sounded good until it passed 1 minute then suddenly they gave up. The only reasonably good tracks are 'Sunny Afternoon', 'Big Black Smoke'. I liked the sound of 'Little Miss Queen Of Darkness', but the title and lyrics are embarrassing to say the least. Hate me for hating this album. I don't care.

BEST SONG: Sunny Afternoon

The Mama's And The Papa's

If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears (1966)

I really liked this album. All the songs were pretty nice and I was impressed at how they managed to mix this many voices so well without the budget of The Beatles. The main problem was though. 'California Dreamin'' is such an absolutely incredible song that every other track paled in comparison. Although I liked the other ones, I found myself waiting for that particular song and then once it was over, missing it and wanting to listen 10 times over. It is in my personal top 10 anyway, so not sure what I expected to happen.

BEST SONG: Go on.... have a guess

Paul Revere And The Raiders

Midnight Ride (1966)

This album was just a nice listen. Didn't have a favourite song really, but also didn't hate any of them. Chose this as my favourite because it got stuck in my head. It's just a classic 60s pop album, with classic riffs and melodies that no matter how hard you pretend not to like, you do anyway. I didn't have any problems listening to this, but also nothing really stuck out. I wasn't sure on the voice at first, but once I fully zoned out I didn't mind it. Give this a listen if you just what some okay songs in the background. Nothing special to me.

BEST SONG: I'm Not Your Stepping Stone

The Mothers Of Invention

Free Out! (1966)

'Weird' has never been more suited to anything ever. Frank Zappa is the epitome of weird. The use of the electric kazoo may have actually been the most normal thing about Freak Out! It's a long album, but let me recommend a few freaky songs: 'Motherly Love' (a decent track, kazoo playing slams), 'Help I'm a Rock!' (yes that line is repeated several times) and 'It Can't Happen Here' (just listen to it). Best line of the whole thing is, "I don't even care if you shave your legs".

BEST SONG: Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder (a piss-take, but still great)

The Rolling Stones

Aftermath (1966)

So the first two tracks, 'Mother's Little Helper' and 'Under My Thumb' are great songs. Really sound like The Rolling Stones are famous for and Mick Jagger is seriously in his element. Unfortunately the rest of the album kind of ends up being like their previous release (and like many other boy-bands of this time): a rip off of The Beatles and 50s blues. It was a shame really because I was excited by the first two songs, but then rather irritated and bored by the end. Also, the bass sound throughout is pretty disgusting. Not a fan. Who decided that sounded good?

BEST SONG: Under My Thumb

Follow my Spotify playlist to hear my BEST SONG from each album one after the other:

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