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Hi I'm Amy and welcome to Stamp My Hand. 

I started this blog because after being rejected (but mostly ignored) by a million other music blogs, I decided to just create my own. 

I write reviews of new music, interview artists and compose a weekly post on what I'm listening to. I'm currently working through the book, '1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die', so I will be updating my 'What I'm Listening to Page' by giving short reviews of the albums I've heard that week. I'm super busy with uni at the moment, so stay tuned for 'What I'm Listening to' - I will be resuming the weekly updates in a couple weeks.

I'm super into any new music you would like me to hear, so check out the 'Submit Your Music' tab at the top, and if you've got anything to send me, go right ahead. 

You'll be pleased to know that I now do write for an official music blog, you can check out my work for that HERE.

This blog is more of my personal opinion rather than deep analysis, if you'd prefer a review like that, then you can send you music to For The Love Of Bands.


I look forward to hearing your new music!


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